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McChrystal's Original & Genuine - Extra Large Tin - 21g

McChrystal\'s Original & Genuine - Extra Large Tin - 21g

Date Added: Tuesday 06 March, 2018 by Daniel

This is a great way to enjoy tobacco with the added advantage that you can use it virtually anywhere you like. Not having to burn this tobacco makes it versatile, inoffensive to others, and has even proved to be a conversation starter. This was the first snuff I ever tried and Im glad I chose to. I wont hesitate to add that the service was impeccable. I bought a few cigars and decided to try a tin of snuff out of curiosity. A wise decision indeed!
It is a soft snuff which is pleasant to use. It has a nice rich but uncomplicated aroma, with a little bit of a menthol quality and a slight buzz of nicotine which is incredibly pleasant.
I have ordered a few other varieties in the McChrystals range, as well as an extra large tin to replace my original one, so it will be nice to compare.
If you havent tried snuff before, I think this is the one to initially go for.