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CLEARANCE! Furia by DH Boutique Tisiphone Cigar - 1 Single (End of Line)

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Description Ref # 105449

Length: 6 1/2"
Ring Gauge: 58
Strength: Medium  - Full
Packaging: 1 Single Cigar 

Sold exclusively in the UK by C.Gars Ltd and Turmeaus Tobacconist. 

Furia demonstrates a solid personality with notable aromatic richness and an accomplished character, with strength and density. 

Straightforward tastes and aromas surprise the taster's palate with an intense richness. Furia's strong nature reveals a captivating character. As  indirectly suggested by its environment, the cigar strength is there but is always controlled. Furia is surprisingly stout and deep. 

The Story of the Names

Also known as Erinias or Euménides, the Furies were born of the Night, (although it is also said that they arose when Cronos cut the testicles to his father Uranus and the blood of the god fell on the Gea, the mother earth), and they watched the door towards the lower world, punishing those whose crimes had not been expiated in the world of mortals. They tried to restore the lost order. Sometimes they also rose to the surface and there persecuted those who wanted to get away with some crime.

The Furies (Furias in spanish), which in their origins had an uncertain number, ended up being only three. Their names were Tisifone, Alecto and Megera and they had a dog's head, vampire wings and, instead of hair, snakes. To carry out their mission they carried with them leather whips and fearsome bronze rings.

Tisifone was the one in charge of punishing the daring ones to go beyond the limits of good behavior and was known as the Avenging Fury. Megera was responsible for creating hatred, discord, among mortals. Alecto persecuted them without rest until they were killed by madness or were unable to commit such a crime again.

They say that when Orestes went desperate to Apollo to know the name of the murderer of his father, King Agamemnon, the oracle revealed that he had been his own mother, Climenestra, wife of the king, the author of such crime. Orestes, out of himself, put an end to his mother's life. Then the Alecto Fury entered the scene, tormented the unfortunate Prince Orestes for the crime he had committed.

Furies tormenting

Orestes went again to the help of the gods, this time being Athena chosen, to pray for the end of her sentence. Athena, the warrior goddess, managed to convince Alecto that the son of Agamemnon had already paid his acts with enough pain and was forgiven. Now, Orestes was to bring from the city of Tauride a statue that had been consecrated to Artemis, sister of Apollo and goddess of the hunt.

From this moment, the Furies are renamed Euménides and to be considered as benevolent, although, that is, they continued to persecute the criminals.

Tasting Notes

A personality off the beated track. Notable aromatic richness and a well-rounded character. Taste and aromas show richness and balance with a forward personality. 


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by Austin on Thursday 15 August, 2019
The pre-lit aroma is slightly sweet with earth and cocoa. Construction was impeccable offering an easy draw with just a little pull to it and a dark, oily and veiny wrapper. The first third started right into a solid medium-full flavour and body offering a rich dry earthiness, dark chocolate and a hint of nuttiness with a slight, underlying bitter quality which I find common among strong Nicaraguan-based blends. The spice was there but very controlled to begin with. The second third, however, opened up with a little more power and displaying a sudden dry fruit quality and some espresso as the bitterness subsided. The final third reached full flavour and body with a rich and quite complex stewed fruit quality, a sweeter chocolate character which wafted in but quickly faded with more salted nut flavour coming through. Eventually a damp earthiness and bitterness began to overpower. The pepper and spice became very powerful but could be controlled somewhat by not drawing too hard or too often. By the last inch and a half the dark coffee and earth ramped up and it slowly became hot and tannic. The cigar had a medium finish that was a little nutty and earthy with some sweetness. This is an enormous cigar with real weight in the hand. Its not a format Id normally go for, though I was recommended to try it and was very glad that I did as I always enjoy trying something new and a bit different. If you enjoy large format Nicaraguan cigars this is a must-try and certainly an after-dinner smoke. They would also make a great gift for a seasoned cigar smoker, being something a little different. Personally I couldnt help but wonder if the blend might benefit from a slightly smaller ring gauge as it seemed that excess volado was possibly filling out the blend to help tame the powerful ligero. A touch more good seco to try and bring some cream and extra subtleties to the flavour might suit my palate better, but if you enjoy the rich, powerful and darker flavour profile of good Nicaraguan blends youll really enjoy these.
Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)
Result Pages:  1 

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