What cutter? What rum? what cigars?

Blog greetings from gloomy London… what happened to summer?!

At least it was warm and dry on the Boisdale cigar terrace in Belgravia on Tuesday evening where I herfed with Brian, Zaff, Chris and Craig- steadily blasting through a humipouch full of piramides 🙂 still the best spot for a smoke in London (well – I am biased but its certainly one of the best spots!)

Our West Hampstead shop finally had its finishing touches this week including a comfortable outdoor smoking area – plants and tables and chairs as well as great big cigar ashtrays and yes its covered so you can even smoke in the rain 🙂 (or you can sample/smoke inside the shop with pleasure). I’ll shoot some photos and add them to the blog in the next day or two. So finally I have indoor and outdoor smoking areas in London !

Our business has always sold tons of Cuban rum and I am often asked’ what’s the best?’ well…. the answer is simple: Vigia 18 year old Cuban rum is THE best. We are the sole UK distributor so I have to say that! but its is indeed the truth and having drunk my way across Cuba for the last 14 years I am exceptionally qualifies in matters of rum drinking 🙂 Try some,you won’t be disappointed as it compliments a Cuban cigar to perfection.

Our next most popular enquiry is what cutter should I use? Another easy one: Palio. I have been using Palio cutters forever. The style and design is perfect (slips in your jacket pocket and its light) and most important of all- it’s sharp and I mean very sharp. No snags to the cigar head just a clean cut. C.Gars Ltd are sole distributors of Palio products in Europe and they are highly recommended. Oh and the cutter come in a neat little pouch too 🙂

This week I have been totally hooked to Vegas Robaina Unicos initially as a change to my usual Partagas P2’s, Montecristo No. 2’s, Bolivar Belicosos and the fabbie Punch Serie D’Oro no.1 (get the picture of my favourite sizes/shapes?!) but it looks like these are now on my rotation.

Unicos are full flavour and medium strength but they have a sweetness that I don’t experience with the other cigars mentioned. The flavour is unique to the brand and having smoked some 20 Unicos this week from 4 different boxes I can confirm that the blend is absolutely consistent and complex. So yes – I know its not a sexy recommendation but the fact remains these are a seriously great smoke.

Aged recommendation of the week Punch 1960’s Air France case great value vintage cigars.

Something sexy? Check out this beauty sold at our last auction – would you like one to try? or perhaps like a full beautiful humidor? drop me an email 😉

So another week done and I’m off home with the company of some UK regionals for the weekend El Rey del Mundo Choix De L’Epoque for the mornings and Punch Serie D’Oro no.1 for the afternoons/evenings ….with some Vigia rum of course – you have been tipped off!

Have a great weekend

Peaceful puffing


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