Welcome in Cohiba Behike!

Oh what a night 🙂 The Hunters and Frankau launch party at the Goring hotel attended by over 150 cigar aficionados last night.


A slick H&F event with copious amounts of Krug champagne,chocolates made by Damian Allsop and of course loads of Havanas 🙂


The evening started with the UK exclusive regional edition El Rey del Mundo Choix de L’Epoque and continued with the new Cohiba BHK 52 which was part of a gift box containing another one of each of the 3 sizes of Behikes.


Thankfully the weather wasn’t too bad and the rain stayed away so we could enjoy our cigars with a little background music from a Cuban band who were excellent whilst the cigar roller was rolling some fresh Havanas.


Jemma Freeman gave a lovely welcome speech and kindly recognized her UK Cigar Specialists and Simon Chase gave a great speech about the history of Cohiba as a brand as well as Behikes


James Suckling from Cigar Aficionado was busy smoking a Behike whilst doing his video blog and if you haven’t read the latest CA you need to as James wrote a brilliant article on Behike


I love these events as its a great opportunity to meet up with some of the top Havana Cigars Specialists including Edward and Eddie from Davidoff, Lawrence and Johnny from Sautter ( and Dessie was at the part too- always lovely to see him) Ajay from La Casa del Habano London and many others.


If you were one of the 30 or so chaps that booked early through C.Gars Ltd – your ticket price included 2 additional Behikes and your goodie pack is now on the way to you so you will hopefully be enjoying it over the weekend 🙂


On to Boisdale in Belgravia for dinner and smokes with friends after the party….and a BHK 56 which I can confirm is ‘the bomb’


Grab Behikes whilst you can – they will be at all our retail shops by tomorrow latest but they are sure to sell out fast as allocations were tiny


A BIG thanks to Hunters and Frankau – truly a class act


Peaceful puffing




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