UK Regional edition La Gloria Cubana? Well yes and no!

Just to make your mouths water, here are the details of the delightful exclusive to the UK La Gloria Cubana Gloriosos

The La Gloria Cubana Gloriosos, the first of the two Regional Edition cigars that have been authorised by Habanos S.A. in 2008 exclusively for the United Kingdom.

Box of 10 – 155mm in length x 50 ring gauge. Medium to full flavour

Just 20,400 Gloriosos have been made at Partagas, the factory responsible for La Gloria Cubana. They are presented in 2,040 numbered, varnished boxes with rounded sides containing 10 cigars each.

Each cigar bears two bands, one for the brand and the other declaring ‘Exclusivo Reino Unido’ or ‘Exclusively United Kingdom’

La Gloria Glorisoso

Boxes of 10

Sorry but you can’t have them! Not because I have smoked them all already ( always a risk ! ) but because they are not in the UK yet. Now we are ever hopeful that those lovely chaps ( and chapess’es!) at Hunters and Frankau will get their hands on them soon after Christmas…and so will we, but if you want to ensure your allocation,we will take your money now and guarantee your order as the interest in this limited edition cigar is higher than I have ever known for any other cigar.

Of course we do expect a substantial allocation but if you don’t preorder there is no guarantee we will have any left!

Peaceful puffing


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