The Glenturret Maiden Range

I am always excited to see when longstanding distilleries that I have enjoyed for so long embrace the future! Not only embrace the future, but do it with some grace and elegance! The Glenturret has done that with style, merging their long history with a refined contemporary style.

Glenturret has the honour to call themselves the longest running whisky distillery in Scotland and so they are bringing along a lot of whisky making wisdom and traditional craftsmanship. So, in 2019 when the Lalique group bought the distillery, they added an elegance that has meshed well with their history. The new Maiden Releases were crafted by a very highly respected whisky maker, Bob Dalgarno, to create an amazing new core range. Not only do you get some delicious whisky crafted by a legend, but you get some absolutely beautiful bottles made by Lalique.

Right now, we have three of the new core range so you can experience Glenturret for yourself. After you finish the liquid, refill those bottles with something else!

The Glenturret 10-Year-Old Peat Smoke 2020 Maiden Release – 50% 70cl

“We are in the rare position of producing peated and non-peated spirit at different times of the year from the same small stills. This has allowed us to craft this mellow, sweet, smoky 10 years old single malt that shows its character off to the full at a strength of 50%.”

Maker’s Tasting Notes: Smoke from the peat fire envelopes. Fresh citrus fruit, vanilla, and light spice drift from the embers with hints of sea salt and smoldering heather.

The Glenturret 12-Year-Old 2020 Maiden Release – 46% 70cl

“A whisky driven by European Oak casks which have patiently cradled the spirit from its inception 12 years ago after passing through the small batch, manual production processes which defines Glenturret… Never overpowering, but enhancing and developing to give a rich, layered complexity of flavour and a deep russet colour.”

Maker’s Tasting Notes: Rich fruit cake dressed with walnuts. Sweet apple and ginger in balance enjoyed with lemon tea. The European oak politely drives the chosen strength.

The Glenturret Triple Wood 2020 Maiden Release – 43% 70cl

“Triple Wood is a continuation of our history, part of the old range and reborn in the new. A thoughtful combination of European and American Sherry Oak casks alongside Bourbon barrels gives a light and subtle whisky showcasing the sweet, fruity style of our new make spirit – the starting point of the journey for all our single malts.”

Maker’s Tasting Notes: Aged in American and European Sherry casks and bourbon barrels. Sweet fruit and caramel flirt with sticky ginger cake and vanilla, maturing oak and light spices look on with interest from the sidelines.

When things start opening back up for us, make sure to take a trip up to the distillery for a tour and bite to eat at their cafe!



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