With fuel prices at an all time high in the UK I can’t help but think that the Chancellor is unlikely to increase tax/duties on petrol and diesel in this week’s budget, not unless he wants a tanker drivers’ strike again or riots in the streets which makes me think the Government have to raise taxation somewhere else and no doubt the easiest way is to clobber the smoker and wham up taxes on all tobacco in order to support our health service (odd situation if ever there was one)

Can’t say I’m bothered about cigarettes as we don’t sell them online and only do the specialist lines and herbal smokes in our retail shops but sadly cigar smoking gets tarred with the same brush as cigarette smokers despite the fact that a good premium handmade cigar once in while is more likely to benefit you with its calming and de-stressing rather than damage your health

So you have been warned in advance ☺ order a top up of cigars at pre budget prices whilst you can. We will try and hold off price increases as long as possible, in fact we never even increased our prices after the VAT increase of 2.5% and whilst cigars may be a luxury product unfortunately they are not a luxury margin product so the prices are going one way-up and soon. Top up the humidors and beat the budget!

I’m looking forward to an great evening at Boisdale Belgravia on Monday where we will be enjoying El Rey del Mundo Orchant Seleccion Tainos and Bolivar Royal Orchant Seleccion Royal Coronas matched up with some great single malt from Singleton of Dufftown. Looking forward to seeing some old friend and making some new friends at my favourite cigar friendly venue in London.

Have a smokey week

Peaceful puffing



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