Snowdonia Distillery’s Ron El Rumbo

The exciting new release from Forager’s Snowdonia Distillery is finally here! We’ve been hearing rumblings for a while now, so it’s great to finally get a hold of the bottle! In the coming weeks we get to work and start playing with different cocktails with this rum as the mixer, and creating some of our own! Until then a little bit about the new release.

El Rumbo means ‘The Course’ in Spanish, and that is a very fitting name for this rum. The rum started out being distilled in one of Cuba’s oldest distilleries. The spirit spends the first year allowing the molasses to settle in, from there spends the following 2 years aging in american oak barrels. After all that, it is then where the name comes into play. As foragers put it…”The course is set!”

That course refers to the long journey from the sunny Cuban shores all the way to the beautiful hilly landscape of Snowdonia! Once it is in the very capable hands of the folks at the Snowdonia Distillery they prepare it for the next leg of its journey. The rum is then transferred into large, freshly emptied Cognac casks, that have been carefully chosen to host the spirit. The rich characteristics from the casks are imparted into rum creating wonderfully refreshing

The course should not end in the bottle, but make it all the way to your glass in your favourite cocktails! El Rumbo is a fantastic mixer that will help any cocktail take on an adventurous spirit!

Order yours today and send us in any cocktail creations you came up with!



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