Smoking ban

Sadly the smoking ban in England is looming.June will be the last month to legally smoke in public places.

No more smoking in pubs,clubs,restaurants or company cars thereafter.

Instant fines for the smoker and hefty fines for the establishment.

£30,000,000 wasted on “smoke inspectors”….what a joke…better off giving it to the homeless.

So late and all night drinking will continue with teenagers strewn over the streets of London on weekends drunk out of their minds and the police show little interest in various drug use and abuse but the cigar smoker continues to be tarred with the same brush as the cigarette smoker.

Lets not confuse the issue….smokes cigarettes and you will damage you health…Smoke Havana cigars and you will…relax…and are not likely to damage your health at all providing you do not inhale ( Havana cigars are not meant for any inhalation of course)

So how will it affect us? well it won’t. Fortunately our London showroom as well as our retail cigar stores in Chester and Liverpool are exempt from the ban and clients are allowed to smoke on the premises for “sampling purposes” Bravo for some small measure of common sense prevailing.Unfortunately the same common sense did not prevail for our cigar shops in Scotland.

Lots of talk about outdoor smoking areas in London restaurants.No doubt the Conran Group restaurants and Boisdales will lead the way…good for them.They will get all of my business in the future.

Global warming? bring it on I say :-) More outdoor smoking opportunity the better the weather and this summer is predicted to be a hot one in the UK :-)

Hunters and Frankau are planning an outdoor event on the 5th of July launching the wonderful new Cohiba Maduro 5 range of Havanas.Email Michelle at my London office if you would like to attend

Por Larranaga Magnificos exclusive to the UK are due to be launched later in July…only 1400 boxes (!)

Tastes seem to be changing over tha last 2-3 years,I am amazed that Partagas P2’s are now selling more than Monte 2’s.Smaller fatter cigars are selling like crazy such as the petit Edmundo which is an excellent 1/2 hour Havana.Partagas shorts blending is the best I have ever known.Romeo short churchills are fast becoming a best seller.

Best wishes from sunny London


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