Say this is just adios and not goodbye :-)

At 81 and no doubt due to his health problems Fidel Castro is standing down after 49 years in charge of one of the last bastions of communism.

I have received many many emails asking what will happen to Cuba now and in particular what will happen to the cigar industry?

I have received even more emails from friends proffering their opinions which are all very interesting.

I’m afraid my answer is that I really don’t know and any views at this stage are purely guesswork.

A senior US state department official, John Negroponte, stated that the 1962 embargo would probably not be lifted “any time soon”.

I wonder if February 2008 box codes will become collectible? (!) 🙂

C.Gars Ltd hold no political views  and just want to spread a little happiness by selling the best quality Havanas available.

I’ll be in Havana next week for the Festival and it will be interesting to judge the mood.


Peaceful puffing



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