Well I’m back from my summer holidays in the Canaries and having enjoyed a few rums and cigars relaxing on my hotel balcony just reminddictador_cafeed me of the new delivery of DICTADOR Rums that awaited me on my return back to work! I had heard amazing reports about these fine Columbian Rums and couldn’t wait to put them to the test! The first sampling was the Dictador cafe 100 rum. Aged for 100 months with lovely smooth and chocolatey coffee notes.

Colour: A deep vast colour which stands out in the glass.

Nose: Rich coffee nose, plenty of sweetness with fresh vanilla blends together nicely with malt and biscuit aromas.

Palate: A light palate of dry cocoa. Aspects of the nose continues, such as coffee and fresh vanilla.

Finish: Aspects of the palate creates a lingering finish.

dictador_amberThe next sampling was the Dictador Amber 100 Rum , again aged for 100 months, really smooth with warm notes! As the tasting moved on I was getting very excited about the final two expressions! Dictador 20 years! This Dictador, 20 Year Old Rum from Columbia is made from the fermentation of virgin sugar
cane honey, distilled partly in copper alembic and partly in steel continuous column, to achieve a medium body rum of which the honey is evident throughout the nose and palate.

The Dictador is then aged in pre-used oak barrels using the solera method and finally bottled under the highest quality control to ensure everything is contained in the liquid flavour.

The final tasting concluded with the Dictador XO.

Now this exquisite rum is also made in the same way as the 20 year old and has its own unique seductive notes and flavours of the following;

Colour: A deep mahogany shine which stands out in the glass.

Nose: A hypnotic aroma of roasted honey, pure vanilla, royal toffee, mature oak and a delicious parfait caramel.dictador_xo

Palate: Extremely smooth with a range of flavours. Fudge starts things off as yet more intense vanilla and caramel reemerges with Colombian coffee and a long balanced consistency, balanced with light oak giving you the sensation of extreme quality and satisfaction of sweetness and strength.

Finish: Long rich finish.

Well I hope you get to try and enjoy some of these outstanding Columbian DICTADOR Rums!

Farewell till next time!

Peter Spinks

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