Plugs :-(


A lot of talk on the internet about “plugged ” cigars recently


Plugs? very very rare indeed. Yes, they do happen from time to time but the vast majority of construction flaws are “twists” that constrict the air/smoke package. As frustrating as a plug is …. I reckon that 9 out of 10 cigars that have a twist construction flaw can be cut in half and both halves are then perfectly smokeable. Not ideal …agreed, but at least not a dead loss.


Construction flaws were more common as we all know 98-01 but quality control since then has seriously improved. I can remember in earlier years getting daily complaints about construction but we now rarely get complaints about construction. Better roller training and more draw testing in Cuba has certainly paid off.


Best tip: avoid 98-02 as far better cigars were made in later vintages. Filler tobacco is already aged in most Havanas from the last few years so why try and find a 6-10 year old box that may be problematical when a 1/2/3 year old box is likely to be a far better smoke in all respects…. construction, blending and even wrappers.


Food for thought


Peaceful plugless puffing 🙂





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