Photos from Havana!

Mitch is on his flight home from cigar land 🙂 and I thought you may like to see some of the fantastic photos from his trip to the Island …..


One of the beautiful auction lots that I was unsuccessful in bidding on!


Wake up Massimo you still have to do the auction!

Excellent band and dancers providing non stop entertainment 🙂



Mitch and Zaff



Mitch & Joe


Don Roberto (!) and the lovely Tamara from Partagas

La China presenting Mitchell with his Amigos de Partagas gift
“Amigos de Partagas!”


More Amigos!

The Mafia boys!

Kiki from Partagas with a few smokes:-)

Abel Partagas LCDH manager

Wilkes, Joe, Mitch and Zaff

No idea who that is, geat photo looks like the lady has set the bloke in the middle on fire!

The Partagas cake…almost as tasty as the cigars!

La China and Parisi


Minetti stealing all the good cigars!


Mitchell with the Amigo de Partagas cigars

Wow…what a night!





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