Quite relived that it’s the end of ‘Summer Auction’ week which is one of our busiest weeks in the year in terms of accounts and admin that seems to be never ending. The days turn into nights and our London Team seem to be wading through a never ending pile of auction buyers and sellers invoicing- kept going by a constant supply of espresso and cigars.Cigar Auction Cartoon

But it looks like everyone is happy, buyers got they wanted and sellers what they wanted –  winning Lots are already being shipped like crazy to clear out space for more arrivals of vintage Havanas that come in almost daily.

I was looking through the auction photos again on the auction website   and had to smile when I came across this one as I think it may be the first time that my 3 business partners have all been together in a photo with me. I am privileged to have three business partners whom I consider by dearest friends, I make a living with these Guys and I have had some of the best laughs with them too. I think the four of us are lucky guys …. Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

– Confucius

We are already taking in Lots for our Winter auction and of course I keep myself busy selling vintage Havanas all year round. Sadly we reject more cigars than we actually accept. Mainly due to condition, as many sellers come to our offices with cigars that expired long ago due to lack of humidification or because they suddenly realised that cigars need humidification so they over humidify already expired cigars which then look and smell awful !

I actually can’t think of many other cigar merchants that deal with much more than the odd box of aged Havanas from time to time, possibly the reason why I am always so busy! It’s been a steep learning curve though, tons of reading and research, many meetings with collectors round the globe and an ever increasing collection of old publications on cigars used for reference. Most of my time these days is spent on vintage cigars although I do still race around the world being the “face” of the business and still enjoy doing some of the buying with our larger suppliers… and so, I’m off to Vegas!

This year’s IPCPR trade show (we always used to call it RTDA!) is being held in Las Vegas and as ever I will be spending a few days at the show looking for interesting new products to import into the UK so I can continue to offer my clients the most comprehensive range of humidors, lighters, cutters and cigar related ‘toys’ at the best prices in the market. Best prices because we buy MASSIVE volume as we are lucky enough to have 2 massive warehouses in London and Norfolk.

It’s also a great opportunity for me to herf for the week with old and new friends. The show is so large by UK standards its mind boggling, imagine a few soccer pitches in size! And of course you can smoke whilst you are going round the show – could be worse ways of spending a few days ☺

…the rest of the news :

–  LFDC short robustos are now officially our fastest selling cigar ever ( and they are a fabbie smoke!)

–  Plans agreed for design of our new Mayfair shop due to open end of August- I think that will make me the largest player in the UK specialist cigar market by volume of trading units as well as value- I could be wrong but don’t think so which is a bit of a laugh considering we only really got established in 1997 and caught up with other merchants who had been around for the odd 200 years or so ….terribly easily.

– Lawrence starts working at London office this Monday – first chap to be employed at London offices in many years. Lucky him working with 8 girls !

– I have now switched my Monte 2 rotation to Edmundo for the next month as I absolutely love the blend of the 09 vintage ( not many left now)

– Partagas petit coronas 1998 vintage EMS totally rock- email me if you want a box

– Fuente stocks should be ready to go on our websites this week and throughout our retail chain in the next few weeks

That’s all Folks!

Have a smokey weekend, I’ll be herfing LFDC’s back to back I reckon 🙂

Peaceful puffing


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