October already?!

September flew buy at warp speed,I can only guess that was due to being busier than ever which can’t be a bad thing. Time flies when you’re enjoying yourself 🙂

Last week I enjoyed drinks and smokes at the Lanesborough Hotel followed by dinner at Boisdale with famous Australian cigar merchants Wal and Ben Baranow. In think its fair to say we had a great time and smoked up quite a few of the new UK regionals:

El Rey del Mundo’s Choix de L’Époque Petit Edmundo-sized cigar 4 3/8” length and 52 ring gauge, light to medium flavour. Limited edition of 2,000 boxes of 25 cigars


Boxes of 25

Juan Lopez Selección Suprema 6 5/8” length and 52 ring gauge (Torre Iznaga vitola)
Limited edition of 2,000 cabinets of 10 cigars


Boxes of 10

Guaranteed best value in the UK of course 🙂

I also zoomed up to our cigar stores in Liverpool and Chester for a day to catch up with my sales teams and give myself a quick retail refresher course as we plan to open a few more cigar and whisky shops in the next few weeks so I thought I had better learn from the professionals!

A few additional excellent boxes of vintage Havanas arriving every day for entry into our Vintage Cigar Auction at Boisdale Belgravia on the 1st December. Don’t be shy! there is no listing fee and the sellers fee is only payable if the box sells at an acceptable price. Only vintage cigars please,no recent production or brought back from Cuba whilst on holiday boxes!

It looks like we may have 80 – 100 Lots in the auction, perhaps more. Mojitos at 7 and auction at 7.30. I may have to restrict it to 100 Lots as I have a cigar dinner afterwards that I don’t want to miss (I am the host!)

I think the last Christies cigar auction was back in 2006., C.Gars Ltd were always the largest buyers at Christies cigar auctions so its funny to have the boot on the other foot and be holding the auction where we are selling cigars on behalf of clients.At least we are certain of quality,condition and provenance!

We may well be the largest buyers of vintage cigars in the UK (I am quite sure we are!) and I deal with buying and selling vintage Havanas daily and have done for the last 12 years.

If you are considering selling anything and want real expert advice from a really experienced Havana cigar specialist no need to waste your time anywhere else,just contact me for fast and accurate advice whether selling outright, commission selling, auction selling, buying or just wanting information and advice, I am always happy to help (sales@cgarsltd.co.uk 07000 088 088)

I’m off to Scotland for a few days at Robert Graham Ltd shops this week which I’m looking forward to as we prepare to launch another one of our fabulous award winning independent bottlings.

Peaceful puffing


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