Northern herfing :-)

Zoomed up to Liverpool and Chester yesterday for some herfing in our Turmeaus retail cigar stores…but could hardly get in as they were so busy with Christmas shoppers! No credit crunch in my cigar business thankfully:-)

Just about managed to power herf a Por Larranaga Magnificos in my Chester shop ( yes I found they have a few singles tucked away!) and a couple of delicious Monte 2’s in my Liverpool shop.

Mitch herfing

Mitch herfing

Karyn was busy checking the merchandizing in both shops and gave the team a thumbs up :-) so well done Turmeaus!
Had a bite to eat at the Living Room in Liverpool….recommended although sadly no smoking area. Not to worry…smoking is legal in hotel rooms so I finished the evening with a Davidoff Margaux from 1987…sublime :-)Peaceful puffing


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