New things coming out of the Westland Whiskey camp, and it sounds exciting!

This Friday, Westland is releasing their new American single malt in partnership with Filson Company. Coldfoot. The name comes from a pilgrimage that 2000 determined fortune seekers took to 175 miles above the arctic circle to the remote area of Coldfoot, Alaska. Out of those 2000 travelers only 200 made it through the grueling journey to stake their claim in the frozen north. They forged their own path, and they stayed for the independence that journey awarded them.

This whiskey was created by these two companies to honour those tough folk’s ceaseless spirit and serve as an inspiration to stay the course! Though Westland and Filson create different products, this whiskey represents their shared commitment forge an authentic path with true integrity!

Coldfoot will be limited to 978 bottles. Matured for 60 months in 1st fill ex-bourbon, new American oak, and Oloroso butt. This American single malt offering will be peated. Since we don’t have our hands on a bottle yet, we will have to provide you the distillery’s tasting notes:

“On the nose dried apple slices and walnuts lead before dessert notes of waffle cone and whipped cream join in. The palate is rich and complex with more creaminess, dried blueberry, and cacao but also deeper notes of marble rye and espresso.”

We can’t wait to get a bottle on this side of the pond! Until then, check out some of the company’s other bottlings!

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