new maduros are in….and goooood :-)

Just received our first small allocation of the new Hoyo Regalos and Romeo Escudos ( 2007 limited edition maduro) from Hunters and Frankau….and I’m smoking both:-)….for sampling purposes of course.

Both cigars have smooth vein free dark, oily maduro wrappers.

I love the size of the Hoyo…this could actually be the perfect size for me.The cigars is smooth and well balanced,complex with an easy draw and a delightful aroma.Medium fruity flavours with medium strength and a rather unique blend although it does remind me somewhat of the Hoyo Epicure especial LE.

The thicker girth Romeo is a true delight,sweet, and toast flavours from the first easy draw with a slight woodsy background and hints of spice.Beautifully crafted and sure to please the experienced Havana cigar smoker

Well done to our friends at Habanos S.A. this blending is first rate and it’s our pleasure to offer cigars of such excellent quality appearance and blending.

Top up your humidor while you can as we expect to be sold out in the next few days.

I have made the new maduros available in boxes,singles and samplers for those who want to try out these splendid smokes



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