Merry Christmas? you bet!

I think I have enjoyed this year and this particular Christmas season more than any in my memory. Simple reason is that more people seem to be enjoying a good stogie and a wee dram than ever. To forget recession? to give that “feel good factor” at home? yes probably both and add to that the favorable exchange rate, the quality assurance of English Market Selection cigars and we now know why we are busier than ever 🙂

This seasons best sellers have been the fabulous cigar cases. Beautiful presentation, first rate cigars and limited edition. It was obvious to me that these would be very popular from the start. My personal favorite is the Cohiba Siglo VI case. Here’s a link to the whole list of gift best sellers Christmas Gift Best Sellers

The years success story has been the exclusive UK regional edition cigars of 08 and 09. The release timing may have been a bit ‘all over the show’ but there is no denying these are excellent cigars. I think the Punch Serie D’Oro No.1 are likely to be sold out fairly soon.

El Rey 2009

Juan Lopez 2009

Punch 2008

La Gloria Cubana 2008

Our best selling whiskies have been our award winning independent bottlings (no surprise!) so if you enjoy a single malt with a good cigar you will, be hard pressed to find a better match.

At this time Robert Graham cigar and whisky stores are operating in Glasgow, Edinburgh Rose Street, Edinburgh Royal Mile, Edinburgh Highland Village on East Princes Street and Broadhurst gardens, West Hampstead in London. All of our shops have a great range of Havanas, Whisky and Chocolate

Turmeaus Tobacconist shops in Chester and Liverpool have enormous ranges of Havana cigars as well as pipes and pipe tobaccos. Contact details on this link and if you are visiting Dublin, please be sure to stop by the Decent Cigar Emporium on Grafton street… the best place to buy your Havanas and other fine cigars in Ireland

I’m off to Robert Graham Ltd in Scotland for a few days to check out our new stores and leaving C.Gars Ltd in the capable hands of Mishie and Laura and their sales team. Looking forward to seeing friends old and new in Scotland and then back to London for Christmas 🙂

Happy Chanukah and peaceful puffing to all



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