Magnificos! – Let’s do it again :)

The UK regional edition Por Larranaga Magnificos was one of the fastest sell outs we ever saw for a box of 25 cigars. Possibly as only 408 numbered boxes were made which is a teeny quantity.

These splendid cigars are a remake of the legendary Por Larranaga Magnum of the 1970’s and the Magnificos are destined to become a classic

The perfect day time smoke, balanced and complex with probably the most beautiful band I have ever seen on a cigar.

I’m delighted to be able to offer my clients our last few boxes date codes November 2008 and with exceptionally low numbers. Check them out on this link

I had a rather long lunch at Boisdale in Belgravia, my favourite cigar friendly restaurant yesterday. Always great service and a friendly crowd on the cigar terrace. Drank way too much Malbec with Partagas Serie P No. 2’s back to back. Tough day and all that. Check out Boisdale

This week we start planning our June Vintage Cigar Auction and begin to accept entries. If last Decembers auction is anything to go by, this will be another successful and fun evening. Email me if you would like any details I’ll start to build the web pages next week.

Laura and Karyns gift business seems to be getting busier by the day Well done Girls 🙂

Have a smokey weekend

Peaceful puffing


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