I’m outta here!

Ok enough of the dismal weather (yes I know the weekend was nice but why do Mondays have to be so cloudy?!) I’m packing up my DuPont Extend and trusty Palio cutter and off to the sunshine for a few weeks serious herfing with clients and friends 🙂

The new limited editions seem to be a resounding success and personally I love the Upmann followed closely by the Bolivar but I can’t wait for the launch of the UK 2009 exclusive regional edition El Rey Del Mundo Choix de L’Epoque (literally Choice of the age) which we expect to see by mid September if all goes to plan and that’s a great birthday present for me!

The El Rey is presented in dress boxes of 25 cigars and the cigars measures 4 1/3″ and 52 ring gauge which is a fabulous size for when time is short and you want a big burst of El Rey flavour.

No update on the UK regional Juan Lopez Seleccion Suprema yet and I’m doubtful that we will even see its release till 2010. Oh well… something to look forward to.

Peaceful puffing and saludos!


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  1. Kenneth Thompson

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    Have a great day!

    Kenneth Thompson

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