Hunters and Frankau

Londons weather was beautiful and sunny today  so I fired up a Partagas P2 and took a drive over to Hunters and Frankau’s offices in Fulham.


Chatted with John Darnton and Simon Chase over coffee ( sadly no indoor smoking allowed currently due to ban) and heard about the planned limited and UK regional editions ( Punch and La Gloria) for this year ( more details in my next blog!)


We smoked partagas Shorts cabinet selection 2007 outside the warehouse ….one of Simons top 10 smokes ( and mine too)


Vintage ( 10 years old approx) Havanas will be available from Hunters next month.Double banded cigars and “revisado” stamped boxes.These cigars have been completely tested for quality and are sure to be very popular.Detail on my regular newsletter as soon as they are released.


I smoked a 1998 Montecristo Especial on the drive home and it was simply delightful,mellow yet complex with a perfect draw and gorgeous colorado wrapper.


There will be some other exclusive Havanas available in the next few weeks or so but only to subscribers of my email newsletter 🙂


Another consignment of PL Magnificos is still eagerly awaited and we are hoping to top up our reserve stocks as we rate this as one of the best Havanas of all time.


English market Selection ( EMS) Havanas go through rigorous quality control checks including checking for condition,wrapper colour and of course infestation.Top and bottom layers on each box.


100% of cigars are checked thoroughly by H&F….and then rechecked by C.Gars Ltd….you are guaranteed the finest quality Havanas from the UK market.


Thanks to H&F for the kind hospitality and the cigars to sample…which I shall enjoy immensely 🙂


Peaceful puffing:-)




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