Ho Ho Ho :)

This week has to be the busiest week I have known in my career in the cigar business with sales at 4 times our normal (and very busy) level. Seems to be a lot of new Havana cigar smokers out there and a lot of gigs being bought for existing smokers too.

Tuesday was a crazy day as we peaked at 4000 emails ! (up from a ‘normal’ 1800 a day)

My Hunters and Frankau rep and good friend of many years popped into the office for a smoke and a chat yesterday and we both said how we can’t believe how much the business has grown since we set up online – quite astronomical. We smoked some Romeo Wide Churchills which are fast becomning a new favourite

We also had the London sales Team Christmas night out on Wednesday and were joined by famous basketball star Mark Blount. The pre herf was at the office of course where we sampled a few BHK 54’s with some 20 year old Santiago rum – perfect match 🙂 I gather the Norfolk sales Team are still partying as they are bombing thru a record seasons sales in their new premises.

High point of the week is record sales of Punch Serie D’oro no.1 limited edition humidors. Exclusive to the UK. I think we have sold 20 out of the 100 made already 🙂

Always happy to assist and advise 24/7- every day of the year, just drop us an email sales@cgarsltd.co.uk
Have a smokey (and hopefully not too snowy!) weekend

Peaceful puffing


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