Hard weeks herfing

My week started in style with a couple of friends at the Lanseborough cigar terrace on Monday. Premier Cru Chablis, Bolivar Belicosos, Smoked salmon – a perfect combo 🙂

Tuesday and I was back at the Lanesborough again with more friends (Ash, Alan, Tom, Zaff, Mike, Ricky and Chris) for an adios drink with my long-time friend and colleague Mike Mirecki of Cuba Welcome Travel who is off to Cuba shortly to get married (is he mad ?!) Long story short 20 odd bottles of Tatinger Rose Champagne later and a considerable quantity of Monte 2’s, BBF’s, Partagas P2’s, PSD4’s later and I think we all agreed that we gave Mike a good send off! does anything come close to the service or comfort of the Lanesborough? I think not.

The rest of the week was a continuous sampling herf session at the office with friends and clients… it’s a tough job and all that.

Next week we expect some fabulous branded Cohiba and Montecristo humidor to be delivered from Hunters and Frankau. Due to UK legislation we have to sell the humidors complete with a cabinet of cigars but we are going to include the humidors at such a low price I dare not even publish it so you will have to email me for details ! sales@cgarsltd.co.uk (see photos below) Sorry but these are strictly on allocation so first come first served.

Forgive my awful photos of the new London walk in on my last blog! And see below some proper photographs from our resident photographer Blanka who did a far better job than me.

Lockers space always available to clients either in London or our other locations for short and long term cigar storage so if you are being ripped off by your existing cigar merchant remember you can get a locker from C.Gars Ltd free of charge if you are purchasing 5 boxes (of 25) Havanas a year. A locker takes 12-15 boxes comfortably and if you want to move your stock we only charge £250 a year. Rest assured as professional Havana cigar specialist we know how to look after cigars – correct relative humidity and temperature 24/7.

Cigar auction fever is hotting up 🙂 and auction Lots will be online next week. More details here

Have a smokey weekend

Peaceful puffing


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