Happy Easter!

Happy Easter – Happy Passover, as long as you are enjoying it with a cigar or two…. It’s all good 🙂

Clocks have gone forward, Its very sunny and bloody freezing. Splendid. British Summer Time has begun! So if we could now just have a huge increase in temperature we would be able to enjoy some al fresco herfing. But I reckon it won’t be too long, until then you can always sample indoors at some of the fabulous cigar terraces in London or at my cigar stores in Mayfair, West Hampstead, Chester and Cambridge which all have small comfortable smoking areas. Liverpool is a tad small though you are still welcome to sample in store.

The exception is the barmy laws in Scotland where no sampling exemption exists for cigar shops. And to make matters worse I read this fairly mental article in the Scotsman a few days ago, well I hope common sense prevails and the brilliant law makers don’t tar cigar smokers with the same brush as cigarette smokers but that remains to be seen.

I can’t remember ever seeing a child in any of my cigar shops asking ‘Gimme a Monte 2 mate’ or I’m desperate for a pufAuction Previewf of a Partagas P2 Boss’! in fact we don’t allow ‘minors’ into our shops in the first place and I can’t remember seeing any kids smoking a premium cigar in my life (Except me when I had a puff of my Dads cigar a long, long time ago!)

I’m not pro cigarette smoking for sure, but I am pro ‘freedom to choose’ especially if the product is legal. I am anti ‘legislation for legislations sake’ as its generally a complete waste of time and public money, perhaps the SMP’s are trying to justify their existence by trying to ruin some other peoples existence. What next? Fizzy drinks? Chocolates? Sweets? They should all come with health warnings and plain packaging surely lol. I actually saw a packet of nuts in the supermarket the other day with a label ‘This product may contain nuts.’ Seriously… You couldn’t make it up.

In 2 years time, small shops I understand have to cover up their tobacco display and specialist shops will not be able to have any visible tobacco from the shop windows. Awful for security of staff working at my shops – That’s an obvious one. Is it an attempt to make our shops seedy like 1970’s sex shops in Soho?! It won’t work and any fool can see that. Not for cigars anyway (I know nothing about cigarettes nor do I care for them) The more the Government tells people ‘You can’t do something’ the more they will want to do it.

Case in point is the 2007 Smoking in public places ban. What difference did it make? To cigars smokers I dare say it made no difference at all and if the growth of C.Gars Ltd is anything to go by it probably fuelled our expansion.

Perhaps our brilliant MP’s should kick back with a cigar and a dram of the water of life and contemplate the more important issues that they should justify their miserable existences by working on such as the dire state of the economy, the homeless problems and law and order. No one will thank them for making trade more difficult for the last few cigar specialist in the UK. They are not doing anyone any favours.

If you read Russian there’s a great article in Hecho a Mano – cigar magazine You can always use Google translator if your Russian language skills are not up to par but I think that a lot gets lost in the translation 🙂

Auction time approaches on the 10th June at the fabulous Boisdale Canary Wharf. Checkout the photos… Just a little tease 🙂 Some very interesting Lots to be knocked down on what will be a memorable herf and sale. You can book tickets for the evening on this link Catalogue will be out around 4-5 weeks before the auction online and in print as usual.

Inka Secret Blend cigars remain our biggest success sorry of the year so far with HUGE popularity for the new small chubby Poderoso size maduro wrapper cigar. Can’t go far wrong for just over six quid a pop I guess. Lots of sweet full rich flavours in this Puros from Peru.

In fact the whole range has been so popular we are now literally organizing import over import so as one import is flying in the next order is already placed. I expect robustos to be available again in the next week or two 🙂 Oh.. and the whole brand and range is exclusive to C.Gars Ltd (Turmeaus Tobacconist and Robert Graham Ltd shops) as I created it. 🙂

We now have our new prices of Havana and other premium cigars from all of our importers and our website prices sadly will increase in the next few days. We will as always keep increases to a minimum but you can still top up at pre Budget prices (Not for long!) we will always guarantee to offer the lowest prices in the UK and if we are wrong we will gladly price match… Can’t be fairer than that 🙂

Oh and finally for all the people emailing asking what are the best cigars to invest in now? Here is my definitive answer. We are not investment advisors and we are only cigar specialist but these are the cigars that I have stashed away for the future 🙂

Cohiba 1966
Cohiba Maduro Genios and Magicos from 2007
Romeo Escudos 2007
Romeo Hermosos No.2 2004
Punch Serie D’Oro No.1
Montecristo 520

Get’em while you can and don’t forget, in the collectors market English Market Selection (EMS) cigars always have greater cache than any others as provenance is better established.

I’m offline from tonight till Tuesday night but our phone lines are on 24/7 and our sales Team reply to emails sales@cgarsltd.co.uk 24/7 if you need any advice.

Happy days 🙂

Peaceful puffing


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