Happy Anniversary!

Time flies when you’re enjoying yourself and I have to say that the last 6 years of my life have been the best 6 years of my life – filled with love and laughter as well as lots of good smokes and drinks. So, it really has flown by 🙂 BIG happy anniversary to my wife, and co-Director of C.Gars Ltd, Karyn (KJ as many know her).

KJ has met hundreds of my clients worldwide over the last 7 years and most of you will know her as my (overseas) events organizer although KJ has also been very involved in a lot of our UK cigar parties and events. Now if only I could persuade her to work a few more days in the week…

I need to find something unusual to smoke/celebrate with on my anniversary and I have decided to do a day of UK regional’s; starting with a 2004 Ramon Belicosos, moving all the way through to a Bolivar Britanicas and then finishing the evening with an Old Dunhill, probably a late 80’s Cabinetta and I’ll match it up with some of that old champers from my ever diminishing vintage Champagne collection lol. Probably some Bilecart Salmon ’89. I don’t think it gets much better than that.

New cigar season is upon us again with the launch of the H. Upmann robustos limited edition and H. Upmann Half Corona in tins (How cool is that for presentation?!) last week and Cohiba Piramides Extra launched this week. It’s already a success as we have been receiving tons of reserved order on this cigar. I must admit the few that I have smoked since they were introduced to the trade at the Festival dinner have been very very good indeed. It seems that the cigar world is having a huge love affair with Cohiba as they are becoming uber popular.

I’m desperately excited to try out the new UK regional Ramon Allones Petit Belicosos due out in the next week or two. I really think UK regional’s rock.

Mayfair Turmeaus now has its liquor licence and stocks are arriving early this week so you should be able to try out our fabulous range of exclusive single malt whisky by Robert Graham Ltd later in the week at this location.

Success story of the month is Inka Secret Blend cigars. I created this blend with my friend who owns the only cigar factory an plantation in Peru with the idea of bringing a different type of blend of cigars entirely to the smoker. I wanted something smooth and sweet enough for the novice but with a bit of ‘zing’ to be interesting enough for the experienced NC smoker. Well it has proved a runaway success, way beyond my expectations and we have already sold out of our robustos with repeat order rates at scary levels. Great value and well crafted, available in singles and boxes of 10 and of course exclusive to my cigar shops throughout the country as well as our websites. We expect a massive new shipment in the next few weeks.

I met up with my partner Ron last week at our potentially new but still top secret location! If all goes to plan this will be the finest venue for cigar and whisky aficionado’s in the UK and we hope to be open well before Christmas although builders and surveyors as usual tell me it’s impossible.

Just getting my body clock adjusted back to London time from West Coast time difference but not for long as I’m off to the East Coast on Friday! Hope to have a little herfing time with friends in between business meetings.

Have a smokey week

Peaceful puffing


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