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This week we have a guest blog post from James and David, part of our dedicated Norfolk web team.

Hello to you all!

The door has been opened and we have been allowed to see a little bit of light this week. We are usually found with our hands bound to our mouse and keyboard making sure that you all can enjoy a fresh and up-to-date experience when using any of the online services that C.Gars Ltd provide.

So what have we been up to this week? Well of course it was bank holiday Monday so like I said we were set free for the day, starting by giving off smoke signals at the local golf course. Our cigar of choice was the fantastic and brilliantly reviewed Montecristo No. 4, it started off a little harsh but as it burnt down the flavours really developed and let off those superb aromas that we all know and love from the Montecristo family. After all the balls had either been lost or putted we retired for a quick dram of the 12 year old Glenfiddich. I must say this is one of my favourite whiskies for an early drink as it is just so easy on the lips!

Our Facebook is really starting to blossom, we are always updating it with plenty of things that should interest you! This week, while having a browse around on the internet, I stumbled on a fantastic vintage cigar poster from Montecristo, I’ve posted it to the Facebook wall for you all to see. If only we were still allowed to advertise in this way…

Auction time draws near and we are well under way now with preparations for the July cigar auction that will be held at the fine location of Boisdale, Canary Wharf. We have over 300 entered lots of vintage cigars such as Pre-embargo, Davidoff and Ex Dunhill so there may be a chance to grab a bargain when the gavel wielding Brian Ebbesen, our director of Cigar Auctions, takes the stage. The online Auction catalogue will be ready and complete with images within the month so you can browse at your leisure and also view the lots of our previous successful auctions here.

At the end of this month on the 31st May, the Hunters & Frankau Summer cigar party will be hosted at Middleton Garden at the Langham. The event will also see the launch of the Punch Medallo de Oro (Here’s hoping it will be as good as the 2008 Regional!) If you can make it you should definitely try to do so. Click here for more details.

In a month’s time Mrs Dilia Hernandez Ortiz of the H. Upmann factory will be rolling fresh Havana cigars before your very eyes. Come on in to our London offices between Monday 11th June – Friday 15th June as she will be in all week rolling delicious and fresh cigars of multiple sizes (plenty of Robusto’s to be had though!). Make sure you are subscribed to our UK newsletter so you can keep up with events like this in their full detail and as ever we can be contacted via if you have any question or queries.

The weather is slowly turning more favourable for a cigar smoker but typical England weather consistency (or lack of) will keep us guessing on whether we should light up outside.

Have a magnificent weekend, please do let us know if there is any way we can improve your online shopping experience!

James and David
Web department of C.Gars Ltd

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