Greetings from snowy London!

And for only the second time in the history of C.Gars Ltd London office – the office is closed due to snow but fear not as our shops are sending out all mail orders so there will be no delay from us, although I dare say if you are also snowed in there may be some Royal Mail delays.

I was sensible enough to kidnap my General Manager Michelle by tempting her with dinner at my home, knowing of course she would be stranded by snow before dessert! Now I have Michelle working 24 hours a day (so what’s new?!)

Cigar Snowman

Cigar Snowman

S’now big problem being at home for an extra day or two as I have a fully stocked humidor (Partagas P2’s, Bolivar Belicosos Finos, Punch Serie D’Oro no.1’s, Monte 2’s, El Rey de Mundo Choix de L’Epoque all in copious quantity of course) as well as a decent stock in the bar (mainly Cuban rum especially Vigia and Robert Graham whisky obviously!) So no change to my working days then, just a different venue.

The coming years plans already include 2 trips to Havana for the Festivals, trips to the East Coast and West Coast, numerous trips to Germany to our fabulous La Casa del Habano (as well as a trip to Berlin at the end of this month to give a talk at a cigar dinner) and quite a few extended trips to Scotland as we expand the Robert Graham cigar and whisky business.

There could well be a few more cigars shops coming to a Town near you! and if not, you can be sure that as the UK’s largest specialist cigar merchant with the most locations and humungous stocks our mail order prices will always be the best available in the UK. Quality – Service – Value 24/7 – every day of the year come snow or shine.

Before I know it…… it will be Christmas again

Stay warm and peaceful puffing


Cigar Snowman

Cigar Snowman

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