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Just back from a quick smoke with my friend and business partner Christoph where the weather in Hamburg seems to be worse than London ( can’t believe that’s possible!) but at least the cigars were good and so was the rum 🙂


We smoked 3 Hoyo Epicure no.1’s from 2005 back to back as we could not believe how good these cigars are.Darkest oily wrappers…simply incredible.


We followed the Epicures with the regional edition El Rey Vikingos….what a smoke,quite sublime.


This weeks featured Havanas …shipped overnight intact by courier service guaranteed for safe delivery and superior quality ( sorry only for delivery outside the EU!)

Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No.1 in cab of 50 – very dark wrappers – Sep 2005 £399 highly recommended

La Gloria Cubana Tainos box of 10 – Mar 07 £99

Rey del Mundo Vikingos – rare regional edition from Baltics – Sep 07  £449

H.Upmann Monarch Tubos – Feb 2001  £309

4 Montecristo Mini & Club Humidor with 25 of each in each ! total 100 minis and 100 clubs £129

Ramon Allones Specially Selected box of 25 – Nov 06  £149

2 boxes of 25 Flor de Cano Petit Coronas – Aug 07 £99

Shipping to North America….no problem!

Regular stocks available on this link


We have been making some extremely rare Havanas available in sampler packs.not sure anyone else in the world ever does this but I always figure it’s great to make these cigars available in samplers otherwise you have to buy the whole humidor for big Bucks! check these out 🙂



Very rare- Special Sampler Partagas and H.Upmann 160th Anniversary Sampler LAST THREE SAMPLER PACKS AVAILABLE!!!
Delightful and rare, specially banded cigars on the occasion of the 160th Anniversary of Partagas and H.Upmann brands.

Including  one of each of the following:

Partagas 160th Anniversary Robusto Extra
Partagas 160th Anniversary Gran Piramides
H.Upmann 160th Anniversary Connoisseur no 1
H.Upmann 160th Anniversary no 2
H.Upmann 160th Anniversary Prominentes.


Simply place your order online via the following link or email to place your order.

Rarest humidor sampler pack £89.00

-single Montecristo B ( Compay)
-single Partagas Sobrasaliente

Inclusive shipping £89




Collectors item……Festival del Habanos X Presentation pack £120.00

H.Upmann Magnum 50 and Hoyo Especial, double banded specially for the 10th Festival Del Habanos.




Rarest of the rare sampler

Montecristo B (from limited edition Compay humidor)

Partagas Sobresaliente (from limited edition Replica humidor)

H Upmann Tacos Imperiales (from limited edition Replica humidor)

H Upmann connoisseur no.1 (from limited edition 160th anniversary humidor)

H Upmann no.2 piramides (from limited edition 160th anniversary humidor)

H Upmann Prominente (from limited edition 160th anniversary humidor)

Partagas Rodolfos (from limited edition 160th anniversary humidor)

Partagas Dobles (from limited edition 160th anniversary humidor)

H Upmann Magnum Especial ( from limited edition book humidor)

Por Larranaga Magnificos ( UK exclusive regional edition)

10 cigars £349

Por Larranaga Magnificos UK exclusive regional edition available now by courier service


Still my favourite cigar of the last year. Medium strength and full flavour,Great potential to mature to perfection over the next few years and with only 400 boxes made of the 25 count boxes highly collectible

Boxes of 10

Boxes of 25

If you are into single malt ( I know I am ! ) checkout my new website Happy to ship worldwide and the selection is quite mouth-watering. Plus you get 10% off your first order!!

Best wishes and a peaceful puffing weekend 🙂


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