Free cigars? no no that was a joke sorry but now I have your attention 🙂 lets catch up with the weeks news:

Darling, chancellor (he of the stupid eyebrows) presented his budget, punished most, got it all wrong and lied with silly predictions that no one really believes.he obviously take the view that “the bigger the lie, the more likely someone will believe it” Umm… I don’t think so Darling, start counting as you have around a year in Parliament left and then we will all gladly forget about you….and your eyebrows!

The tax increase on tobacco was only 2%. Cigarette smokers have had 7p whacked on a pack of 20… c’est la vie, I can’t say I particularly care about cigarettes and happily told our retail chain to stop selling 10’s and cut their ranges down to the luxury cigs only. I could be wrong but I think the high cigarette prices probably just encourage more smuggling. I almost said “the type of cigarettes smuggled and then sold down the pub” but then I read an article in today’s Financial Times that reports 50 Pubs a week are closing down! Sheeesh! even smugglers are finding it hard in a recession!

Good time to stock the humidor up in all honesty. We reckon that the UK is likely to have a massive price increase in cigar prices in the next week or so, as importers look to sure up their margins to the slump in the value of Sterling.

So, enough of the budget boredom and I headed off to herf with a good pal in his humble castle in the countryside of France. There’s something rather civilized about France especially when you get away from the cities. The weather was glorious as were the cigars. We seemed to be stuck in the loop of 2007 BBF’s and UK regional Punch Serie D’Oro no.1. Could be worse. Matched them up with some Balvenie 15 and you have a good recipe for a most pleasing herf.

Friday and I was back in the London office, my sales team advise that we are busier than last Christmas season! In fact they were working so fast it reminded me of a 33 record being played at 45. A bit like a Benny Hill cigar sketch! why? what? huh? what’s going on? No idea, but we are assuming that due to the recession and lack of pubs, clubs, bars where you can smoke, many more people are spoiling themselves and smoking, drinking at home. Great idea I say 🙂

So what are we doing about it? well we have just refurbished and extended our London humidor and increased our cigars stocks enormously. In times of economic instability I have to figure that cigars are a better currency than…currency! And of course I can smoke them all as well (could take a while but would relish the challenge!) I think by the time I have finished merchandising the new humidor I may well have the largest stock of Havanas in the UK (I could be wrong but I won’t be far off)

In line with the increased amount of visitors to our London offices for sampling sessions,the range of Robert Graham scotch has increased as well If you are a scotch drinker and you have not tried my range,you are missing out. “Trust me I’m a cigar merchant” (never trust a cigar merchant that tells you that!) Is anything more perfect with a Havana than a decent Single Malt? don’t answer that as I guess some Champagne and a few rums certainly do come close 🙂

Next week is shaping up to be fun with a launch of Nub cigars by JJ Fox and a Tor trade show to keep us busy mid week and more office refurb works later in the week. I may just have to stay at home and leave Michelle to play Boss next week 🙂

Oh and free cigars?….sure! just buy now before the price increases come through and when you look back in a few weeks time it may well seem like you got a few free smokes on your last purchase!

Have a great weekend

Peaceful puffing


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