Fettercairn 16

Can’t believe it is already the middle of August! This year came in swinging and it hasn’t let up! Ha. We have been trying to dodge and weave our way through it the best we can! That’s why finding the small things we enjoy is so important these days! Whether it is getting out to exercise, finding something delicious to eat, or just relaxing with a fantastic dram!

That’s where I am now, enjoying a tasty dram! This Fettercairn 16 to be exact. This expression was just released in June to be added to the Highland distillery’s revamped line-up. I always thought Fettercairn was underserved with a lot of casual whisky drinkers, so I’m glad to see new life being injected into it. It’s proving to be very fruitful as well!

This is the first batch of the 16 released, and I’m really enjoying it. This one is distilled with chocolate malted barley, that just means it is heavily kilned barley at over 200 degrees. A process that is usually seen in craft breweries. This heavily kilned barley is almost like a dark roast coffee. Gives it a unique flavour profile. It is then aged in American white oak, ex-bourbon casks, then finished in specially selected Sherry and Port casks. Ultimately bottled at 46.4%.

Definitely not your run of the mill monotone whisky, there are great flavour changes going on here that you are bound to appreciate. Definite coffee notes come through, almost like a mocha with those added chocolate flavours. The wonderful tropical fruit notes burst through coffee, with raisins and candied apples. Vanilla cinnamon round off the finish giving you a nice hearty mouthfeel!

This bottle is most definitely worth your time if you are a fan of highland malts!

At the time of writing this, we have the Fettercairn 16 on sale…so you have that going for you! 🙂



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