EMS… Simply the best :-)

Does it get any better than English Market Selection? I think not, and I should know as I have been smoking my way around the world for a long long time 🙂

I was discussing this with Jemma Freeman (Managing Director of Hunters and Frankau) yesterday when she visited our London offices for a smoke and a chat. We enjoyed the UK regional Punch Serie D’Oro no.1 and agreed that it is a superb cigar.

We’re looking forward to the next UK regional El Rey Del Mundo which we hope will make an appearance on September the 10th if all goes to plan at a launch part that Hunters are planning 🙂

I spent some time at our fabulous La Casa del Habano in Hamburg on Wednesday and as ever Christophs Club was in full swing with a load of our regular clients enjoying some great smokes with some great drinks including a bottle of 1925 Armagnac which was… sublime (thank you Hans)

Last weekend I was in hot hot hot Marbella visiting clients and friends, no time to hunt around for cigars but I am happy to confirm that UK regional La Gloria Cubana Gloriosos work very well a jug or two of Sangria 🙂

Bolivar Especiales No.2 Regional Edition Germany – box of 25.
This is a fantastic cigar – and it is the first THIN ring gauge cigar from any of the Regional Editions released. It measures 38 ring by 192mm and comes in traditional dress CABINETS – and the cigars are wrapped in aluminium paper inside the cabinet.

Lots of exciting new Havana cigars planned for release next year but I am sworn to secrecy….. for now. But as soon as we are able to bring you the details, you will read it here first!

Have a great weekend

Peaceful puffing


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  1. Michael Guy Thompson

    You mentioned the immenent release of the Rey del Mundo Regional Edition for the UK in early September . . . how about the other UK Regional Edition that is also slated for release this year, the Juan Lopez Seleccion Suprema? is it coming out soon? I believe this is the first Juan Lopez Regional Edition for the UK market? I am very fond of the ones that have been released in previous years for the Swiss and French markets.

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