Hibiki Whisky

Not all blends are created equal and Suntory has always been there to show the world that’s true. Hibiki is what they have been using to show the whisky world how good blends can be. Easily one of the best lines in Suntory’s line up!

Hibiki is Beam Suntory’s premium blend that has been around since 1989 to commemorate Suntory’s 90th anniversary. This highly awarded whisky has come to earn itself a very honoured place in the whisky community. The different bottlings that Hibiki has out are meticulously blended from 3 major distilleries. Yamazaki, Hakushu, and Chita distilleries all contribute an array of both malt and grain whiskies. The different blends use a variety of ages to make up their unrivaled bottlings, ages all the way up to 30 years old. Using a variety of casks and a special bamboo charcoal filtration gives the whisky a very sweet and gentle flavour. Despite Hibiki having a very rich flavour profile and being marketed to the luxury market, it is still a very accessible whisky for any level of drinker.

Currently Hibiki puts out five different bottlings. Harmony, Harmony Master Select, 17 year old, 21 year old, and the illustrious 30 year old. Each of which containing the same delicious base, but all holding their own complex makeup and delectable flavours!

Until we get our shipments of some of the older bottlings back in, grab a bottle of the Hibiki Japanese Harmony and see what a blend can really be! Harmony was aged in 5 different casks and uses many of the same whiskies used to create the original Hibiki! A light honeyed floral blend with flavours of candied citrus and slight oaky spiciness.