Isle of Harris Distillery

We are big fans of gin here and are always on the lookout for delicious gins. Well, Isle of Harris Gin is at the top of that list. Besides having a fantastic tasting product, they are a great family distillery that cares about putting out a gin rooted in true Scottish values.

Located on the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides, this is a true community distillery. Built on the spirit of the island and a desire to share that spirit with the world. They embrace the nature of the people and try to connect you to part of their community.

As for the gin, they use 9 carefully selected botanicals, one of which being sugar kelp seaweed. The sugar kelp that is a local ingredient that is hand harvested in the springtime by a friend of the distillery. This local diver gathers the sea kelp from underwater harvests in local sea-lochs in a sustainable harvest. This botanical gives the gin that wonderfully intricate maritime flavour. The 8 other botanicals include: juniper, coriander seed, cassia bark, Angelica root, bitter orange peel, cubebs (Indonesian spice), liquorice root and orris root.

Crafted in a small copper still and bottled by hand in a bottle designed to represent the distillery spirit. All done on the island creating a truly unique Hebridean gin.

They have a different way of getting their bottles. You have to either order it on their site for delivery or order click & collect. They partner with local shops to work as the pickup locations and our Turmeaus locations are included in that network! If you are feeling adventurous, you can venture up there for a bottle in person and meet the lovely people.

Check them out for yourself – ​Harris Distillery