XXII Habanos Festival

It’s Festival time of the year again! This will be the 21st Festival I have attended out of all 22.  Though I was in Havana for the first Festival but could not afford the ticket to the Gala back in those days! Over the years the Festival and the Gala in particular has grown bigger and better year in and year out. It’s an incredible industry and aficionado gathering from all over the world. Like minded cigar lovers sharing their passion for cigars in Havana, the home of the finest cigars in the world.

The Festival showcases new releases that are planned though they don’t always come to fruition, at least not in the time scale the cigar specialists would dearly love them to. The UK is still waiting for the Hoyo Gran Reserva to arrive which we sampled 2 years ago but we are about to be introduced to the Bolivar Belicosos Reserva in Havana. I’m super excited about this cigar (tobacco from 2016/ limited edition of 5000) as BBF’s have long been my favourite cigar. The Festival will highlight the 145th anniversary of the Romeo y Julieta brand and the 85th anniversary of Montecristo. The La Casa del Habanos chain which we are proudly part of celebrates its 30th anniversary lots to celebrate!

I used to enjoy the whole week of festivities but due to the scale of C.Gars these days I just zoom in for the Gala dinner which is a star studded, entertainment filled event with awards being handed out to the industry, an incredible rare humidor charity auction and of course copious quantities of cigars and rum being enjoyed. It’s the greatest event on the annual Havana cigar industry calendar and as ever I’m proud to be on the Hunters & Frankau table.

Full report on my return… I’ll be happy to have a few days of herfing in the sunshine.

In other news…

Siglo VI are back in stock in small quantity in both 25 cabs and tubed packs of 3, Lanceros and Esplendidos have also returned to our shelves. Still no sign of Piramides Extra but we are ever hopeful (I love these big flavourful cigars)

We are still hoping to see the long awaited/overdue UK regional La Gloria Cubana Britanicas Extra in the Spring…perhaps even soon after the Festival and just in time for some better weather in the UK.

I recently enjoyed a few weeks in Florida and the Caribbean and had a splendid time visiting our colleagues at LCDH – St Kitts.  Super hospitality and quite a few of the Caribbean regional edition La Gloria Cubana Paraiso 2014 were thoroughly enjoyed in this beautiful cigar lounge. The store has an incredibly stocked humidor and bar. A must stop for anyone visiting the island. Thanks to Mike and Orlens for the super hospitality.

No shortage of places to herf in Florida that’s for sure but I made myself very comfortable in the Montecristo lounge in Boca Raton and herfed my way through a load of Davidoff Late Hour Robustos. I absolutely love this cigar. it’s a total flavour bomb that is great from the first puff to the last.

It’s the last days of our February competition for a Quid you just may win a Game of Thrones set!

It’s also the last days of our end of line clearance sale lots of bargains to be had.

The Spring Vintage cigar auction catalogue is filling up fast. We have some splendid Dunhill cigars, pre embargo cabinets and magnificent limited editions that will be sold. The catalogue will be online on 7 days before the sale concludes on the 15th March.

Righto… I better get my suitcase packed… Havana here I come.

Have a smokey week

Peaceful puffing