Sexy Whisky!

For decades I have journeyed across the Highland Islands of bonnie Scotland on a quest for single casks of exceptional, or potentially exceptional, whiskies. The aim has been to nurse and influence the spirit in preparation of releasing a satisfying rare dram which we would use for our award winning range of independent bottlings.

It was on a recent such journey that my companion commented that I used the term Sexy Cask (not really being aware). I realised it was in response to finding such casks as described above. I got to thinking what was it that prompted that statement when examining and tasting the contents on the discovery of such a gem.

Simply, really on reflection, looking at a beautifully put together cask with curved long lines closely pressed against each other containing the inner beauty that it’s outside teasingly promises.

These individual staves, express themselves confidently, be they young or mature, and in unity held together with rings (hoops) of commitment… Yes, “Sexy Casks” indeed.

Then as you get more intimate with the contents, the allure of aromas often are seductive and inviting, perfume of nature and provenance sometimes sweet, sometimes spicy. Followed by the sensation of taste on your lips that fill your senses with excitement and desire… The incredible personalities of some casks and content come to life and bring you along for the journey, so much so that the lingering sensation leaves you wanting more.

Yes there is “Sexy Whisky” for sure.

Here are three such beauties all international award winners.

Benrinnes 20 year old, Auchroisk 19 year old, Ben Nevis 18 year old.


Ron Morrison