Happy Birthday Cohiba!

12093549_1226170147402452_435869061_nI think this has been my first full week in the London C.Gars office this year, not bad considering its June already, lol.  So, I took advantage of the time with my G.M. Michelle on vacation by revisiting and doing a thorough sampling of a load of Cohiba cigars.  Seemed the right thing to do considering this year is the 50th anniversary of Cohiba. 🙂

Cigars included were Cohiba 1966, Cohiba Lanceros from the late 1980’s, Cohiba Esplendidos 1994, Cohiba Genios and Magicos from 2007 and Cohiba Piramides 2006. They were all very different in character which made it all the more interesting.

The finesse and delicate flavours of the well-aged Lanceros and Esplendidos were a joy. The Piramides is one of the finest Limited editions and has aged very well with plenty of life/improvement to go. The 1966 was simply incredible. I reckon this may well be the best of all the limited editions. Bold blend, rich and complex. I nearly burned my fingers on this puppy! I love the Maduro 5 series cigars, not to be smoked in the morning or on an empty stomach, that’s for sure. These cigars have strength to match the full flavour profile.

I was pleasantly surprised that I haven’t  had a single construction dud this week and of course there should not be any duds with Cohiba, the Rolls Royce of Havana brands. However the reality is that occasionally there are construction issues with all Havana brands. It’s a totally handmade product so let’s be realistic… anything’s possible!

When I get a cigar with a tight draw on the pre light, I don’t stress about it and just cut it in half as most construction problems are ‘twists’ in the filler the constrict the passage of smoke. By cutting the cigar in half the twist is released and at least I can usually smoke both halves! In fact I have created quite a few ‘new’ vitolas like this  🙂

vintage_cigar_auction_catalogue_2016Our Summer Auction catalogue is now online for download and auction Lots bidding will be open next Tuesday. A rather impressive catalogue if I do say. The condition and appearance of the Davidoff cigars is quite superb. The packs of 5 cigars are quite incredible with many having very dark leaf (I always believe darker leaf cigars age better than lighter leaf). The Pre Embargo section is the largest ever offered at auction or anywhere to the best of my knowledge.

The auction events are always great fun for me as they are attended by many clients and friends of C.Gars and we have a super cigar and whisky sampling after the sale. If all goes to plan my new Orchant Selection Highland cigar malt whisky will be one of the whiskies to accompany the fabulous UK regional edition Havanas we will be enjoying at The Bulgari (Edward Sahakian Cigar shop and lounge).

Aerial_liverpool_albany_shopNext week I’m back on the road or should I say the railway 🙂 heading up North to Turmeaus – Liverpool and checking out how our new Liverpool shop at The Albany is coming along. I understand that we now have walls and wiring! Here’s thee architect image of how the whisky and tobacco room and sampling bar will look 🙂

I’m hoping to drop in to Turmeaus – Knutsford on my way to La Casa del Habano Chester where we have a mega event planned on the 8th June.

This weekend I’m herfing with chums at the lovely Ten Manchester Street Hotel cigar terrace which is one of our favourite places to chill out with a good drink and cigar or three 🙂

In the baggie for the weekend I have a bit of a mix including :

Upmann Half Coronas – Currently my favourite morning smoke.
Partagas Salomones – Monster good smoke, light to medium in strength but delicious full flavour.
Regius Campana 2015 – Plenty of ‘Nic kick’!
Davidoff Puro d’Oro Gorditos – I love this cigar, are they really discontinuing it?!
Nat Sherman Sterling – A first rate Dominican exclusive to C.Gars/Turmeaus.

A HUGE congratulations to Daniel, my assistant at Turmeaus – Mayfair as he has just passed his ‘Master of Cigars Exam’. Very clever chap and we are all very proud of him.

Have a smokey weekend.

Peaceful puffing,