More cigars/Lower prices!

It looks like new release cigar season is starting with a bang (Or perhaps a puff of smoke!)

The new Rafael Gonzales Perlas could be the perfect quick 20 minute smoke, I have puffed my way through 9 of these so far (All from different packs to check blend integrity of course) and they truly are delicious, sweet flavour and mild to medium in strength, good colorado smooth vein free wrapper and perfect construction. Measuring in at 4” length and 40 ring gauge.

I tend to smoke a lot of Partagas Shorts when I want a quick smoke but sometimes they are a tad too strong as a morning smoke so the Rafael will now become a replacement on the rotation.

See the Perlas singles here  and also the handy pack of 5 that slips into your jacket pocket (If you wear a jacket!)

The other new cigar from Havana is somewhat odd but interesting. Quintero Favoritas measure in at 4 ½” length and a hefty 50 ring gauge which is unusual for a tripa corta Havana cigar. Interesting blend, touch on the salty side although it’s very smooth and perfectly constructed. Worth a try.

See the Favoritas singles here and the box of 25’s here.

Our cigar of the week last week was Regius Coronas which were available at a rather giveaway price of £135 for a box of 25 of these handmade Nicaraguan cigars. I’m going to hold that price through February whilst stocks last.

All of the above cigars are available online and at all of our cigar shops.

We have introduced some new and reduced prices for another range of Nicaraguan cigars through till the end of February, get them while you can:

Luis Martinez Ashcroft Corona
Box of 25s, Pack of 5, Singles

Luis Martinez Hamilton Robusto
Box of 25s, Pack of 5, Singles

Luis Martinez Aspen Toro
Box of 25s, Singles

Bolivar Petit Belicosos 2009, Romeo Hermosos no.2 2004 and Romeo Escudos 2007 – All limited editions and all sold out except I have a stash of them that I am making available 🙂 Get them while you can as they are all smoking like a dream.

I spent last Sunday reading the Sunday Papers at our cigar lounge at Robert Graham – Cambridge. Its amazing how many people are already using the sampling lounge as there was a constant flow of cigars smokers in and out all afternoon (Had to take the newspapers back home/Never managed to read them at all!) I decided that sampling of some superb Cuban rum would be in order and I can confirm that it paired very nicely indeed with the Hoyo Epicure 2  that I was smoking 🙂

Next Thursday I’ll be at our first whisky and cigar tasting at Robert Graham Cambridge which should be a great evening. We are planning regular monthly events so drop me a line if you would like to be on our mailing listA:

Thursday evening I’m herfing with friends at the fabulous Wellesley Hotel cigar terrace… Could be worse, right?!

Peaceful puffing,