I’m Baaaack!

Following a short stay in hospital I am pleased to say I am back on my feet (thanks for all the good wishes on Twitter/Facebook/emails) and straight back into routine this week with a cigar and whisky tasting at the Avista bar in the Millennium Hotel on Grosvenor Square ☺

A fun evening with around 35 attendees and organised by Lalla Kaur. We enjoyed English Market Selection Quai D’Orsay Coronas with Chivas Regal, Makers Mark Glenkinchie 12 and Macallan 15. Fabulous canapés and great company on thankfully a dry evening that finished around midnight.

Brian Ebbesen has spent most of the week in the humidor Lotting up the auction entries for our July 2nd Cigar Auction. Over 300 aged, mature and interesting Lots of cigars will be knocked down! We celebrated the completion of the catalogue with a bottle of 1970 Armagnac and some rather large Havanas!

Auction catalogue will be out in a weeks’ time and Lots will be online next week with photos of course. You can see them all on our auction website and there will also be a catalogue PDF online shortly for easier viewing.

The main Auction website is here. The Auction website has all of the selling prices from our last 5 auctions which is a great resource for valuation purposes and it’s interesting to see how prices have changed on many of the cigars over the last 3 years.

Details of the auction events are here.

This should be the best of our auctions so far as we have a pre herf arranged for Sunday 1st July at Ten Manchester Street Hotel early evening and the main event at the fabulous Boisdale Canary Wharf.

Remy Martin Cognac will be supplying us with some fabulous Cognac as well as French Mojitos, Davidoff are providing us with a cigar roller to do a cigar rolling demonstration and Cigar Journal will be reporting the event in their magazine and on their website. We will be smoking some great Havanas, Fuente and Davidoff cigars on what should be a memorable evening.

The selection of cigars in this auction is great whether you want to spend £50 or £5000- I think there is something for everyone and no doubt some bargains will be had on the night as many of the estimates look very attractive indeed.

Hunters and Frankau Summer Cigar party coming up on the 31st May and I’m looking forward to the next exclusive UK regional Punch which will make its first appearance and hopefully be released soon after.

I’ll be herfing at Turmeaus Mayfair on Wednesday morning so if you are around… drop in for a drink and a smoke  

Have a smokey weekend.

Peaceful puffing,