Brits Rock!

So the long awaited UK regional Bolivar Britanicas came in… and went out 🙂 If I thought that the La Flor de Cano UK regional was the fastest selling regional of all time. It looks like the Bolivar may rapidly overtake them. Allocations were tight from Havana but we expect to have more available in the coming weeks.

All of our retail shops should have these delicious cigars in stock now but be warned they are selling like crazy. This is an old style Bolivar blend: bold and complex, full flavour rustic and earthy – not for the novice but the experienced cigar smoker will greatly appreciate the blend.

Danny from Turmeaus cigar shop Mayfair was delighted to welcome Ignacio Balmaseda, Cuban Corporate Director, Hunters & Frankau and Ana Lopez, Director of Marketing, Habanos S.A. last Saturday and I’ll be heading over there on Friday morning for a few hours serious herfing as we test out the Bolivar Britanicas matched up with some of our independent bottlings of Robert Graham single malt whisky.

Had a bit of an office herf last night again with Boli Brits paired up with some great Robert Graham Ltd single malt and the consensus was that the 1995 Clyenlish hit the spot best of all <hic>

Fabulous herf planned for May Bank Holiday at The Prince of Wales in Moseley Birmingham which I’m looking forward to attending and doing an informal QA on vintage Havanas. The herf starts at 3pm and you can see full details here.

Countdown till the next cigar auction on July 2nd and we expect to have the catalogue online and in print as usual around 6 weeks before the event. Should be a great evening with plenty of smokes and drinks and the best of company.

Hunters and Frankau have announced that their Summer Cigar Party will be held at the Langham Hilton on the 31st May and the UK regional Punch Gold Medal is expected to be introduced at the party. Good timing as I head to New York the next morning for a week of herfing fabulous Fuente cigars! Always a great evening for cigar smokers and always sold out fast so book soon to avoid disappointment.

Off to Dublin on Sunday to herf at The Decent Cigar Emporium on Grafton street and then heading to Glasgow and Edinburgh next Wednesday to sample some of our exclusive single malts.

It’s a tough job…

Peaceful puffing