Happy New Year!

Late blog as have been offline for the last 3 days due to New Year Festival, a happy time of too much eating, drinking and lots of great cigars 🙂 including a cheeky little box of 10 1980’s Davidoff 1 that I have been merrily chomping my way through. 

Friends keep asking me ‘ aren’t these 80’s Davidoff past their prime now’ but the answer really is a yes and no answer. It’s all down to storage in all honestly. If you store these delicate light strength cigars at 70/70, by now they are just too far gone. Reasonable smoke but nothing spectacular. But the serious collector know s how to store and mature i.e. colder and drier. We store our aged cigars closer to 65/65 and I have smoked cigars back to the early 1950’s that are still quite sublime.

Sipped my way through a bottle of our latest release from the Dancing Stag series of single malts this lowland is a perfect partner to a great Havana. I paired it up with Punch Serie D’Oro no.1 and Por Larranaga Regalias de Londres. The Punch really is one of my favourite regional editions. Sold out now at importer level but still available in our retail shops and by mail order whilst stocks last

Still receiving some great auction entries for the 28th November cigar auction at Boisdale Canary Wharf  Looks like a great selection of aged. mature, pre Castro and Davidoff’s as well as some fine limited editions and we are already working hard on the catalogue. The catalogue will be online at the end of this month and hard copies will also be available as usual.

Not long to go now before this year’s limited editions are released in fact it looks like it could be as soon as this Friday or the following Monday. Massive interest in the Cohiba 1966 which I’m looking forward to. I smoked these ate the Festival in Havana  back in February and am so interested to see how they are smoking now. Hunters and Frankau advise that first allocations are tiny. As ever newsletter subscribers will have priority.

Last release of Flor de Cano short robustos ( UK regional edition) expected early this week. Snap them up while you have the chance, these cigars are delicious and are more or less sold out already New website section for collectible St DuPont if you want to treat yourself to something extra special 

We have Berta rolling freshies in the London office from this Monday for the week and if you would like to see her doing her thing drop me an email sales@cgarsltd.co.uk and come along to the office for a sampling. Fresh Havanas are a very different smoking experience. Roll ‘em and smoke them straight off the rolling table for a fabulous herfing experience.

Have a great week

Peaceful puffing