Merry Christmas :)

Another record breaking week with 99.9999999999999999% on time deliveries. Well done to C.Gars Ltd sales Teams in London and Norfolk, highest volume sales we have ever known, so quite an experience even for a cigar merchant that is used to massive year round sales. It’s been an amazing challenge and terribly exciting at the same time.

Our London manager Marcela who has managed the warehouse for the last 5 years has left the company ( for now at least!) and is heading back to Slovakia and we wish her the best of luck for the future. Marci did an amazing job organizing the warehouse and assisting our clients. We’re delighted that Eli is taking over from here assisted by Mirka, Blanka and Dasha.

We have very exciting plans for 2011 as we intend to build a brand new walk in humidor at our London premises which will be the largest walk in humidor in the UK with the largest range of new, aged and rare Havana cigars in the UK

I’ve managed to get through the week by herfing through a box of Punch Serie D’Oro no.1 – this extraordinary UK exclusive regional edition is now more or less sold out and to be honest, it’s such a great cigar, I’m surprised it’s lasted this long. I’m going to have to break into one of the Serie D’Oro humidors when the boxes run out 🙂

Well I’m outta the London office in a few hours’ time and heading to Liverpool for Christmas- looking forward to checking out the building work on our new Liverpool cigar store and having a smoke or two in the soon to be redeveloped existing Turmeaus cigar store ( we are developing that store into a traditional confectionery store…yummmmmmm!)

I’m taking my trusty herf’dor filled with UK regionals for Christmas weekend and topping it off with some Davidoff Chateau Latour for my Father and I to enjoy over the weekend 🙂

So, thanks to our fabulous suppliers and our brilliant sales Team and most of all our valued clients. Wish you all a safe and merry Christmas

Peaceful puffing


Finally some photos of our Christmas staff herf with our good friend and top basketball player Mark Blount 🙂