Vintage Havanas

Time to drool over some Havanas- take a look at the photo’s below 🙂 we’ve been specializing in Vintage Havanas for many years and built up quite a substantial Directors Reserve. Carefully and slowly maturing the cigars and releasing some of them for sale from time to time.

Most of our aged and rare Havanas are never advertised on our website for sale as it would be hard to cope with the demand of a massive client base when we have say between 1 and 5 boxes only available. Who do we upset ?

So we like to match smokers with the cigars of their dreams. Sometimes this requires some time and patience but generally over a reasonable amount of time we come across or source most cigars you can think or should I say dream of. Feel free to email me your wish list – I may just surprise you.

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For those of you that wish to sell, we do offer a free valuation service and being experts in these types of cigars we are usually right on the prices as we have so much experience buying and selling. Word of caution though, we are not interested in recent production Havanas just brought back from Cuba! Or glass top Cohiba Esplendidos!

Tip of the week El Rey del Mundo Tainos –  a most delicate and sophisticated Churchill sized cigar.. In fact one for the connoisseur and my favourite Churchill for as long as I can remember.

We are planning the next Orchant Seleccion release with Hunters and Frankau with these wonderful mature Havanas. This will be a very strictly limited edition of just 64 numbered and signed boxes with double banded cigars. It would be a good idea to email me if you want to be put on the pre order waiting list.

I have been firmly stuck in the loop of UK regional Punch Serie D’Oro no. 1 and Partagas Serie P no.2  for the last week. I smoked so many I was just waiting for one to disappoint but not one cigar fell short of a great smoke, perfect construction and great appearance.

Last week I took the Squeezy jet up to Scotland and checked out our Robert Graham stores in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Now these are cool places to find the finest single malts, Cuban rums, Havana cigars and some delicious chocolate. I had to have a thorough sampling session obviously and as I have almost reached my target weight on my diet I thought- why not ? 🙂 Do I have the best job or what?!  Treat yourself to a dram of my cigar malt –  This should be an award winner, it’s just perfect with a good full flavoured Havana

Next week I’m off to our La Casa del Habano in Hamburg  and looking forward to a little herfing time with Christoph is our lovely cigar lounge – could be worse !

Have a sunny weekend…  if it stays this warm it will be garden herfing for the next few days !

Peaceful puffing