Turmeaus Tobacconist

Took a trip up North to my Turmeaus Tobacconist shops in Chester and Liverpool yesterday. Embarrassed to say its only my second trip up North this year but to be honest our retail Team does a better job without me around so I thought best to stay away 🙂

As I spent the day sampling Havanas (well Punch Serie D’Oro no.1 – 4 in fact back to back!) it made me think how sad it is that there are so few specialists cigar retailers around these days.

Clearly the demand is there, as both shops were a hive of bizziness with customers coming and going all day as well as enjoying the fact that they can sampler cigars and pipe tobacco on the premises.

It was particularly nice to hear so many customers commenting on how great it was to be able to sample a cigar instore. The smoking ban whilst annoying has been fabulous for business. I think it’s a bit like Prohibition- tell the person you can’t do this or that and they just want to do it more. So my thanks to the last stupid government and ….good riddance.

Managed to find some golden oldies stashed in the humidor including Por Larranaga Magnificos and Bolivar Centenary Royal Coronas and Belicosos Finos — yummmmmmm

Laura and her team are busy moving in to their new purpose built offices in Norfolk and we hope to stock the office up with all best selling Havanas during July which no doubt will be welcomed by our clients in Norfolk who are welcome to collect their cigar orders

I’m looking forward to heading up to our Robert Graham cigar and whisky stores in Glasgow and Edinburgh next week as I understand we are doing a special on a rather delish single malt this month check it out whilst stocks last – great with a Havana cigar

Have a great weekend

Peaceful puffing