Behikes – lower prices than expected!

Happy Monday Folks !   

Well it sure is a happy one as we just heard from Hunters and Frankau that prices on the next Cohiba Behikes are lower than expected which is great news.    The not so good news is that allocations are tighter than expected    If you placed a pre order don’t worry you will only be charged the new lower price 🙂   

The latest line of Cohiba – the Behikes aka ‘ BHK’

A limited annual production so when they are gone – that’s it for the year.

I think that makes them a candidate for laying down, maturing and collecting and many of my clients are already making 10 year plans for laying down a quantity of BHK’s annually.

The BHK’s have a different blend to the 40th anniversary Behikes (aged 5 years) as well as an extra Medio tiempo filler leaf which will give the cigar a very distinct flavour characteristic as this is a dark leaf from the top of the plant.

These splendid Havanas are presented in boxes of 10.

We have also made a sampler pack available.

The good news is that prices are now lower than we expected !!!

Don’t worry if you pre ordered you will only be charged the new reduced price 🙂

BHK 52 singles £28

BHK  52 box of 10 £269

BHK 54 singles £36

BHK 54 box of 10 £355

BHK 56 singles £42

BHK 56 box of 10 £399

BHK sampler – £103

Launch date is 12th may with a mega H&F bash at the Goring Hotel    I smoked the last BHK 56 that I brought back from the Festival this morning and I have to say this is the most incredible blended Havana, truly unlike any other, sweet and spicy tingle on the tongue complexity. I reckon this is going to be the most popular Cohiba of all time.   

Peaceful puffing