Auction date confirmed!

Well TGIF as its been a crazy busy week- as ever 🙂

A spot of dinner with Ranald Macdonald of Boisdale on Monday with a bit of a rum and cigar tasting session in readiness for our official launch of 18 year old Vigia rum

C.Gars Ltd are the official UK importer for this incredible rum which is only available in very limited quantity. If you enjoy Cuban rum…. Vigia 18 is THE best and a perfect partner to a good Havana cigar.

I had a rather lengthy business lunch with a fellow cigar merchant at my favourite hangout Boisdale yesterday and by the 3rd bottle of wine and 4th cigar we were quite certain of our plans for total domination of the UK cigar trade…we must have been drunk as we already dominate the trade 🙂

Our Summer Cigar Auction is confirmed for June 21st on the Cigar Terrace at Boisdale Belgravia and we’re looking forward to the auction being as successful as our December auction but hopefully a lot warmer!

We expect to have over 150 Lots of aged, rare and vintage Havana cigars on offer with Brian Ebbesen (ex Christies cigar and wine department) conducting the auction in his inimitable style!

There will be a Champagne and canapĂ© reception from 6 – 7 PM where we will be enjoying some of the finest English Market Selection UK regional edition Havana cigars

The Auction will commence at 7PM prompt. Bidders will need to register for the event. Sellers should contact Brian or myself at

As ever my thanks to Ranald and Boisdale for their kind support and encouragement.

It’s been a smoky week at the offices where I have had the great pleasure of taste testing some rather delicious 1970’s Davidoff Chateau Margaux stored perfectly over the years these fine vintage Havanas are smooth and well balanced with a richness only found in the Chateau series.

If you haven’t already bought my book I’m afraid you had better hurry as they are selling out fast! perfect when you are smoking a Havana !

Have a smokey weekend

Peaceful puffing