Not a week goes by without someone offering us the “opportunity” to buy some great cigars that they just bought back from their holiday in Cuba.

I’m afraid we don’t buy recent production cigars (we do buy vintage Havanas) and we don’t buy fakes.

See below classic example of fake Cohiba Esplendidos (they have never been made in a glass top box of course !)

So here are a few tips:

– If you go to Cuba only purchase cigars that you intend to smoke or gift as you won’t be able to re-sell them in the UK

– Only purchase from an official shop such as La Casa del Habano or Caracol and always get a receipt

– If you buy counterfeits on the street, they are likely to be made out of scraps or rubbish

– If you try to get counterfeits out of Cuba, Customs will not be very impressed! and they will likely delay you

– There is no such thing as cheaper prices than the official store prices

– Whatever story you are told i.e. The cigars are from my cousin who works in the cigar factory” …it’s just a story. Don’t be tempted as you will waste your time and money

Have a smokey weekend

Peaceful puffing