Dream of Californication ( with apologies to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers!)

This blog comes to you from the fabulous Sunset Marquis Hotel is West Hollywood where I have been star spotting quite successfully for the last few weeks.

Actor Gabriel Byrne (Usual Suspects) was at the hotel restaurant the other morning and Paul Sorvino (Goodfellas) was spotted at Hugos restaurant. That was cool as it’s one of my favourite films. David Spade was spotted in IHOP and Buzz Aldrin was seen at Luis Vuitton on Rodeo Drive!

Greenday were also staying here perhaps as there are recording studios at the hotel. I wouldn’t have recognized them in all honesty had I not seen them on the Simpsons!

OK, so what the hell am I doing in the USA? Well,I have been actively promoting our fabulous new range of Italian humidors,cutters and lighters as ever and I’m delighted to report record orders so my trip has been a fantastic success. I’ve seen almost 200 clients so far which is quite a feat…I think I’ll need a vacation when I get back.

Smoked cigars on Venice Beach with my pal George and watched dolphins at Malibu Beach,had dinner at Robert De Niro’s restaurant “AGO” which had a “recession menu” as well as half price wine list 🙂 London restaurants take note 🙂

Last Saturday we held a herf for 40 friends at the swimming pool and enjoyed a variety of cigars,canapés and cocktails ( Mojitos of course) and were pleasantly surprised when Lindsay Lohan passed through !

Thanks to Rod for organizing the fabulous Shrek herf and thanks to Barry for driving me in the ‘Vet’ at 160 MPH whilst screaming at all the other drivers on the road!

Looking forward to getting back to London next week as I understand that the UK regional edition Havanas will be launched in the next few weeks and I can’t wait 🙂

Have a great day!

Peaceful puffing