Summer? when does that start?!

Good grief, it’s another cloudy weekend, what a surprise… not

Well at least that gives me the opportunity to type my blog in the garden on my laptop whilst enjoying one of my favourite Bolivar Belicosos with a rather tasty bottle or rose Sancerre, light and fruity and very refreshing with the BBF.

Were you one of the lucky buyers of the limited edition Por Larranaga Magnificos humidors ? Well lucky you as they are truly beautiful and the cigars are first rate. Our humidors were signed by Jemma Freeman and Simon Chase of Hunters and Frankau adding a touch more collectible value 😉

I was looking at prices of Por Larranaga Magnums from the 70’s the other day and noted that they sold around 10 years ago for £10,000 per cabinet of 50 cigars (or £5,000 for 25 cigar cabinets) so I offered a friend of mine who has a few cabinets of 50 stashed in his humidor £20,000 for one. Needless to say he flatly refused my opportunist offer.

So I reckon that whilst Bank of England base rate is 0.5% I can’t go wrong tucking more of my money away in the best Havana cigars and with that in mind I have stashed 5 more of the delightful Por Larranaga humidors into our Directors Reserve joining many other goodies that have been maturing for some years.

I’m also stashing UK 2008 regional edition Punch Serie D’Oro no.1 as I truly think this is one of the best cigars I have smoked in the last 10 years. Full bodied so not for the novice. This is a complex blend that has a kaleidoscope of flavours to tantalize even the most sophisticated palate.

I can’t wait for September as we expect the 2009 UK Regional El Rey Del Mundo Choix de L’Epoque to be released. This petit Edmundo sized cigar will be presented in dress box of 25 cigars. I think we will be waiting till next year for the other 2009 UK regional Juan Lopez Seleccion Suprema unfortunately

Also due out next month 2009 Limited Editions and Trinidad Robusto “T” I think I better take a vacation now as September looks like one busy month!

Have a great weekend

Peaceful puffing