Custom blends

We were delighted to have Armando Risoto Perez rolling fresh Havanas in our London offices over the last 3 days. Our thanks to Hunters and Frankau for their kind assistance as ever

Armando has rolled some fabulous mas fuerte robustos whilst we played his Cuban CD’s which were …better than ours 🙂

We had a constant stream of customers and friends visiting the office to sample Armando’s cigars paired up with some refreshing rose Champagne, a perfect combination 🙂

We even had my tailor here measuring up friends for new suits and jackets so they can look as smart as me ! Felt like a private gentleman’s club!

Mike Mirecki from CubaWelcome travel agents was also herfing with us and we discussed our latest project which is a photo book of Cuba/Fidel/Che etc etc due out later this year. Very exciting indeed. Only 500 coffee table style books will ever be made. Email me if you would like to reserve.

I finally managed to say adios to the last visitor at 8 in the evening and luckily Mishie drove me home ( I was perhaps a tad over the top!) and thought it better not to attempt to drive the C7GAR car home !

You can try our mas fuerte robusto custom blends for £15 per cigar when you purchase any other Havana cigars, simply mention that you want custom blends on the comments section of the order form

Apologies to clients who experienced problems on our website over the last 24 hours. C.Gars Ltd have grown so much over the last year that we outgrew our server and had to move over to a far more powerful dedicated server which should be fully operational in the next 24 hours making ordering much faster and easier than ever online.

Michelle is now on vacation for 10 days so I’m back to working full time. Eek!…early mornings/bit of a shock to the system but a good Bolivar Belicoso and some Cubita coffee helped me wake up fast. Fortunately The London team (Lucy/Eli/Marci and Mirka) do most of the hard work round here…. well done Girls 🙂

We bought up a load of cigars from the CAO importer in the UK and they are incredible value at half the previous price available in singles, samplers and boxes. Check them out on this link

Got to go…the phones ringing again!

Best wishes from hot hot hot London:-)